Cookies Policy

  In cookies are used to improve your browsing experience. The usage of cookies helps us improve the functioning of our website and makes navigating our website easier. Cookies are also used to analyze overall user numbers and behavior on our website, and to identify technical insufficiencies and problematic functions in our website that need to be improved upon.


  In we care about your privacy, and this is why we advise you to dedicate some time to read this cookie policy in order to understand what types of cookies we use, the kinds of data we collect by using cookies and how they are used.


This policy applies only to the website and not to any other websites that you might consult or access through links that our Website may include.


By using our website and managing your cookie preferences (LINK), you consent to the terms of this cookie policy.


What is a cookie?

  Cookies are text files that contain bundles of information that are stored on the directory of the web browser of a user’s computer or mobile device (e.g. notebook, tablet, smartphone, etc.) every time a website is accessed online through the browser. Whenever this website is visited again subsequently, the browser sends these cookies to the website that originated them or to another website. The cookies allow these websites to memorise some information so that the person visiting the website can explore it quickly and easily. A cookie cannot bring up any other data from the user’s hard drive, nor can it transmit computer viruses or obtain email addresses. Every cookie is unique to the user’s browser.


Cookie Categories.

Cookies generally fall into two types:


  • Technical Cookies: They are necessary for a website to function property and for the user to be able to browse in it. Without this type of cookies, users might not be able to view the website properly or they might not be able to use certain services.
  • Profile Cookies: They are used to create user profiles, based on their preferences during browsing, for advertising purposes.


Both Technical and profile cookies can be further categorised as follows:

  • Session Cookies: These cookies are automatically deleted when the user exits his browser.
  • “Permanent” Cookies: These cookies stay within your browser’s cache for a specific time period, set by the cookie’s owner, after which they are deleted.
  • “First-Party” Cookies: These cookies are created and controlled directly by the administrator of the website that the user is browsing.
  • “Third-Party” Cookies: These cookies are created and controlled by parties other than the administrator of the website that the user is browsing (third-parties).


Types of Cookies that we use.

Our Website only uses “technical” cookies.

More specifically:

-First party, session and permanent, cookies that are necessary for browsing our website. These cookies are being used for internal website security and system administration purposes.

-Third party permanent cookies that are used to transmit statistical data, through which the company can complete a statistical analysis of the user numbers, to Google Analytics.

These cookies are used exclusively for statistical purposes and the data is collected in a collective, not in an individual, form. Google Analytics also saves a log of the time that you first visit and the time that you exit our website, through two cookies (a permanent and a session one).

You can stop Google from collecting data through cookies by installing the cookie opt-out add-on for your browser. You can do that by visiting the following web address: .

Third-Party cookies that we use can be disabled by the user either by deleting the browser cookie cache or by visiting the website of the owner of the cookie that can be found in the cookie table below.

However, we would like to inform you that disabling cookies might affect your ability to use our website or have access to all of our services.


Cookie categories that we use:


1. Necessary Cookies: These cookies allow the basic functioning of our website, like browsing and accessing secure areas of the website. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to operate and fulfill the purpose of a user’s visit.

2. Performance Cookies: These cookies help us understand how our users are using and interacting with different pages of our website, by collecting and reporting anonymous data. Thus, we can identify instances that our users are facing a technical issue while browsing, or if a specific page needs to be repaired. Performance cookies are also used to create useful reports that help to improve the general performance of our website.

How to control your cookies.

When you visit our website, you are presented with the option, through the pop-up window which is located at the bottom of your screen (LINK), to choose which cookies you would like to be used while you browse our website.

Additionally, most browsing programs provide you with the ability to set your preferences with regard to the usage of cookies. The following pages provide directions on how to set your cookie preferences in the most widely used web browsers:


•Internet Explorer-

• Firefox-




Table of Cookies used:


Cookie Domain Cookie Name Κατηγορία adf4e3563a00a96ee74b0fbf3f32bc22 Necessary _ga Performance _gid Performance ___utma Performance ___utmb Performance ___utmc Performance ___utmt Performance ___utmz Performance _gat Performance e09afa02f6c64d38256587570518ced4 Necessary