Our vision is to continuously grow and develop as the first fully vertically-integrated Greek Group in the paper packaging industry.

Our main pursuit is to follow an innovative business model, in line with the European standards, driven by quality and targeting at creating value for the people, the environment and the domestic economy.


To achieve our vision we set the following objectives:

  • Creation of strong & long-term relationships based on mutual trust
  • Complete & timely satisfaction of our customer needs
  • Continuous improvement & compliance with the European and international industry standards through constant training of our workforce and the upgrading of our equipment


The respect towards the environment and the eco-friendly nature of our products are essential elements of our corporate identity:

  • We have set Recycling as one of our primary activities – a clear proof of our commitment in sustainable development.
  • We apply business practices that have as main objective the sustainability and the protection of the environment.
  • The packaging products we produce originate mostly from recycled raw material and are 100% recyclable.
  • We are constantly expanding the collection points for the byproducts of the production process, in corporation with the private sector, paper factories, as well as cardboard and paper processor merchants.


The key point of our success is our people; we emphasize in careful selection of the right professionals (particularly young ones) and in developing them, both as units and as a team.

Individual talent, dedication to achieving high personal and corporate aims and ability to form relationships based on co-operation and trust are the personality traits that characterize the people we choose; together we share common values and a corporate environment combining integrity and professional excellence.


We prove our ecological & social responsibility:

  • Promoting and supporting recycling in schools and municipalities, providing free recycling bins in addition to educational presentations
  • Having set up a compliance team that ensures the continuous monitoring and application of best practices in key areas of CSR (environment, health and safety work, work ethics, sustainable development), by measurable quantitative and qualitative targets
  • Respecting the individual rights and the dignity of our people and encouraging them to maintain a balance between their personal and professional life
  • Assuring compliance with the law and rejecting all forms of discrimination and exploitation at the workplace